Bonds need to be lodged as soon as possible after you,  the tenant has paid it.   The maximum time the landlord must lodge it after you have given it to them is 23 working days (Monday to Friday) excluding any public holidays happening during the week.


Once you and the Landlord have signed this Bond Lodgement form, and if there are any witnesses who also sign, the responsibility to lodge the Bond at the Bond centre is at the feet of the Landlord.  These same people are now responsible for signing the Bond Refund form too when you move out of a property you have been renting.


It pays for you to point out to the Landlord any defects etc that are there when you move in.  This will eliminate the chance of the Landlord blaming you for something you did not do.

Ask the Landlord to sign a paper stating these defects if any.

Your Landlords and you the tenant, each have obligations to one another.

The Landlord must provide you with a warm tidy home and have fulfilled all the necessary steps government has bought in to protect you over the past 2 years.  Making sure the home is insulated is one of these steps,

You in turn must treat the property with respect, and ensure your visitors do so too. Pay your rent on time and report any major work that needs doing such as a faulty hot water cylinder, and a leak under the sink.

Landlords are responsible for the water usage so they will appreciate a call if something is not as it should be.

Some items need to be fixed by yourself, such as a broken toilet seat,  a handle or two off a kitchen cupboard,  bulbs that need replacing and so on.

You must never attempt to do renovation work unless you have the full permission of the Landlord to do so.

When you are ready to vacate the premises,  ensure the home is in a clean and tidy condition and any chattels that were there when you moved in are there now.  Hand back the same number of keys you were given and hopefully your Landlord will refund for you the complete bond you paid.

Remember, fair wear and tear.   A Landlord cannot expect a house that has been rented for say 3 or 4 years to be as perfect as when you moved in.   It could be a wise move to have someone with you when your Landlord does their final inspection of the property..

If you have problems and  the Landlord is keeping part of your bond for something that they should not, ring Tenancy Services on 0800 836 262 for expert advice on what to do next.

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