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I have written a number of times on the topic of statistics, median price, and average costs of NZ housing that are shown in numerous articles on the internet.

Today I write regarding average pricing.

What is average?  According to one site, the “average” price of a 5br home nationwide is at $1,105,000.

Does that really prove anything?

I suppose it means somewhere they are pretty pricey.

But let’s take a plain and simple example of a mattress.

1 shop is selling at $100, another at $150,

another at $200 and another at $1900

Adding all these prices up we get $2,350

Dividing that by 4 to get an average means we believe the average price of a mattress is

$2350 divided by 4 = around $587.

But that is not true.  Not one of the 4 shops is selling at that price, 1 is way above and 3 are way below..

it is the same with houses.  Yes, certainly there are a lot of 5 and more bedroom homes at $1m or more, but there are also  many much less.

As at the 26 October 2019 I found these, (and there are many more) on Trademe.

I need to make you aware; I have not seen these homes, and have no idea of their condition or location.  Should any interest you,  by putting in the address you should be able to find them.

I am simply showing that “average” prices can be misleading.

At the bottom of our country

Invercargill.  Dipton St , 5 br. 2 bathrooms on a massive 1115sqm section, this is over ¼ acre. Asking price, Just $395,000

Dee Street, 5 br. 2 bathrooms, on a large 1421sqm section (not far off 1/3rd of an acre asking price $595

Filleul Street, 6br, 2 bathrooms, over1012 sqm section, ¼ acre,

Asking price $669,000

Kakapo Street, Gore 5 br. 2 bathrooms 708 sqm section.   $420,000

Coming up to the top of the country,

On to Hawkes Bay,

Elegant country Lifestyle on around 5 acres, 5 br and 2 bathrooms with gorgeous sea views  Asking price   $750,000

Mahia, Wairoa,  6 br and 2 bathrooms (2 dwellings) spread over 3 separate titles. This would be a dream for the whitebait and country living lover.  Situated on 1 and a half acres with a double garage.

Asking price $390,000

Up to the Far North

Just 6 km from the vibrant town of Kaitaia you can buy yourself a great 5 br home, 2 bathrooms on near 10 acres (4 hct) of land for $790,00 less than the price of a 3br home on a small section in an average area of Auckland.

Berghan Rd,  Coopers Beach, 5 br 2 bathrooms, section 640 sq m $529,000

West Coast Road, Awanui Close to 90 mile beach, see it from your lounge window, 5 br, 2 bathrooms on a massive 1700 sq m section. Asking price  $499,000

Otaha Rd, Kerikeri,  5 br 2 bathrooms 2 acres of land, asking price $649,000

And so the list goes on.   Are most 5 or 6 bedroom homes over 1m?   Certainly not, there are a lot at the higher end of prestige and elegance, but for those of us looking for a family home for our growing brood certainly you can find a home to suit.

Many other areas of the country have 5 or more bedroom homes under $1 m  so search yourself for the area you would like to buy in and see what you discover.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article.