Basic safety and security guide for your new home.

Security Conscious, basic safety and security guide for your new home.

You have the keys to your new home and your filled with excitement. You push the key into the lock, and open the door, not giving a moment’s thought to how many other people also have a key just like yours.  This list could include previous owners, tenants their friends, neighbours and family to name but a few.

You proceed into your new home walking around looking at the light streaming through the large wooden framed windows. Not giving a thought to the latches that keep them closed. Many homes that are a few years old have a broken window latch here or there, this is an ideal way for someone to make a forced entry. Whilst looking at those windows give them a push and a wiggle. Do they move? If so, look at replacing or even better installing security latch’s it may be the difference in your home staying secure, when others around you aren’t. Next you move onto your ranch slider that opens to the beautiful private back yard. Once again how many keys are out there for this lock? Is the bump stop in place?

Give the door a lift and it may surprise you, with a pull up you are able to slide the door as if it wasn’t locked. Add to this the privacy that your back yard provides you and your family, also conceals any nefarious activity from people on the street making this a perfect point of entry for a potential thief.

Locks can easily be replaced yourself

Locks can easily be replaced yourself, there is a great guide from Mitre 10 that can get you started. Always consider the quality of the lock you are getting, is it really worth saving $10, $20 or $50 on a piece of equipment that helps keeps your home safe? On average, it takes a thief less than a minute to gain entry into a property why would you want to make their life easier? By using good quality hardware, you may be able to disparage them from targeting your home.

This Is also where the benefit of a deadbolt’s comes in, by requiring a key to unlock a door instead of just a nub / dial you are preventing the thief from using your own doors as a way to remove your property from your home. It adds a little inconvenience when at home as you will always require a key to lock unlock, however if you couple a deadbolt with a standard lock you have the best of both worlds. By getting a gunsmith to key the locks the same you will only need one key to keep your home secure.

Although there is no way to prevent a determined individual from gaining entry, making sure your home is secure when you are not home and not being an easy target by using quality locks and Striker plates, ensuring all your windows lock removes both the easy path of entry and exit.

Are you security Conscious?  This basic safety and security guide, is just the basics you can do to give you peace of mind. Is your new house secure?

I hope my ‘basic safety and security guide for your new home’, has been helpful.

Next week I will be doing an ‘Basic alarm system’.

Stay safe, CDPS Services.


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