Beware of weatherside and Black plastic DUX quest piping.

You are intending to buy a property if the lister and the Agent you are working with tells you it is clad in  Hardiplank, a cement product that came in planks like wood does.  It is the colour of cement and manufactured by  James Hardie.

But be careful.  All may not be as it seems.

In the 1970s Carter Holt Harvey bought to the market a product they called Weatherside, which was made of wood chips glued together.  In the 1980s James Hardie bought out the  new product Hardipank. I believe Weatherside was used extensively in Canada and the powers that be thought it would be equally good in NZ


NZ winters are a lot different from the snows and ice of Canada.

These Weatherside planks were used to clad  homes in various parts of New Zealand with many built in both Tokoroa and the village that houses workers at what was once the Huntly Power station.

An untrained eye may presume a home clad in Weatherside is clad in Hardiplank.  This could be a very costly exercise or a financially crippling mistake.  Unless they are very well-maintained moisture will turn Weatherside to a soggy cardboard like mess.

If you are thinking of buying a property that is clad  and are under the impression it is clad in the cement product Hardiplank get an expert to check it out.  If it is, you can rest easy, but  if it is not and it is clad in  Weatherside you have saved yourself thousands of dollars and a ton of stress by walking away, or factor int he cost of re-cladding when you make your offer.

Unless Weatherside is treated to regular paint jobs, and sealers to ensure no damp gets into the boards, your house will literally rot before your eyes.   Even a ball kicked onto the board could cause it to break.  I have seen a really bad example where the owner simply pulled off a piece of the board with one hand and squeezed it to pulp.  .

In the 1980s Carter Holt Harvey recognised the product was inferior and totally unsuited to New Zealand’s climate,  it offered customers a full house lot of cement planks, Hardiplank, to clad their homes.  I stand corrected if I am wrong, but I believe some received cash settlement.

However, the problem was that many did not use the Hardiplank to re- clad their homes, they sold it and painted over the Weatherside, then on sold  the property to some poor unsuspecting buyer.

There is ample evidence on the internet regarding  The Problems with Weatherside cladding.

Now getting onto DUX QUEST PIPING.

This product came out in the late 1970s and was distributed by Dux Industries.

The true number of homes it was used in is not known but believed to be in the vicinity of between 20,000 and 40,000.

The problems did not emerge for some years,  when in the 1980s complaints came in about the splitting and leaking of these pipes.  At first, home- owners blamed the plumber saying they had not lagged the pipes properly with the rough felt like material that goes over the pipes,  until it was established the fault lay with the piping itself.   Later black polybutylene piping was used to replace the Quest piping.

Many homeowners took up the offer of Dux Industries and took a cash settlement to replace the piping, though again, many did not use the money for the purpose intended but just kept patching up the leaks as they appeared..

If it is black in colour, and the property is of the 1980’s era just ask about the piping,   As the Quest is prone to leaking.

This information may  save your bacon when you next go to buy a property.

The number of homes affected grew so much that Insurance companies refused claims laying the blame at the feet of Dux Industries.

If you are aware the house you are buying was built in either the 1970s or 80s, or had renovations during this period on the piping, get a plumber to check out the piping used in the house before committing to any purchase.

The words Dux Industries is in white on the black pipe, but even that wears off over time and can’t be seen.

So, remember Weatherside and Dux black plastic piping both needing checks prior to any offer being made on your dream property or investment purchase.

Hope these can help point you in the right direction when looking for your next home.

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