Well, gone are the days of a skipping rope, a colouring book, a train set and a football with lollies and other goodies in our stocking or sack.

Today it’s iPhone, iPad, Cell phones, Xboxes even for those of much tender years than we ever could have imagined.

If electronics are not on the menu for Christmas, then it could be any labelled sports wear such as  Adidas, Puma or Nike, or any brand that is the flavour of the month among our younger citizens.

Who is to blame for our kid’s expensive tastes?

Is it peer pressure, is it TV or is it us not wanting our angels to feel different from their friends?

Have we set ourselves up for being the generous Santa who really can’t afford these electronic marvels but don’t want to disappoint at Christmas?

Children are not interested that you have rates to pay, rent or mortgage to pay, a big food bill for Christmas and finally lots of presents to buy for other family members,  and neither should they, they are kids, those problems belong to adults.

Months ago, when our children started mummering out these expensive gadgets for Christmas if we were not able to afford them we should have then nipped it in the bud and clarified that was not possible and they need to revise their wish list to reality.

We did not do this, and now what?

Are you going to be the Ogre who did not buy them what they said they wanted?

The best that can happen now is you trim down the type of electronic they want, cutting their idea of the latest model phone to a cheaper, earlier model,  buying an Xbox off an Auction site cheaper than a new one,  and in future making sure you can afford their wish list, and if you can’t, then tell them early so Christmas expectations are kept at a realistic figure.

Every year I vow to save $20 a week towards Christmas giving me $1000 to buy everything I need in the way of presents and food, but somehow it never happens.

Christmas is for us too, and while kids make Christmas they say,  it is well known that Christmas ranks as one of the most stressful times of the year,  so don’t let your kids ruin your Christmas this year by dominating the budget.

Lots of little gift to open will be heaps more fun than one big present.   Tell those wanting big-ticket items you will give them pocket money for regular chores each week, and you will match it to help them save for their own phone or such.

What a great sense of achievement they will have when they have earned enough and buy it themselves.

Think about how much you can afford to give them and match, then set a date when they will have earned that amount.  Keep encouraging them, and occasionally give them an extra job and an extra few dollars to help along the way.

Above all.    KEEP YOUR PROMISE AND PAY THEM EVERY WEEK WITHOUT FAIL.  This action will teach them to realize how important it is to keep your word and the value of work equals reward.

TopNotch Agents NZ Ltd wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a magic new Year.

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