Yes, we are, our company is a limited liability company registered with the NZ Companies Office.
Yes, with well over 20 years experience in the buying and selling of properties. See the About us link
When you are ready to sell, we will refer you to a very experienced and successful Real Estate Agent who sells property in your area. They will have met our strict criteria.
Exactly the same process. When the best Agent to market your property is identified you will meet and they will efficiently handle everything to do with the listing, marketing, and sale of your property. We have no input, other than to refer you to a great Agent.
We always recommend you ring us first. If our identified best agent works in an office you ring, NO, YOU WOULD NOT get the cash reward
Not at all, our service of finding you a fully experienced successful Agent is free, and the Real Estate Agency will charge the same whether or not you use our service.
No, we are not Licensed Real Estate Agents.
No, we do not buy nor sell property ourselves.
No, the office that a top agent works in has no bearing on our selection process. We are looking for the best Agent, not the best Office.
The amount of any Reward received is calculated on the sale price of the property regardless of where it is in New Zealand.
Your Agent will provide you with a full Market Appraisal, free of charge, which will give you information on your property. It will also list similar properties to yours sold in your area, and disclose what they sold for. You and your agent will use all this information to determine the saleable price for your property.
The right person to tell you that is the Agent marketing your property. They will give you up to the minute progress.
We will know, have no fear, we will be notified by the Agent and we will ring you to ask which way you would like your Reward paid, either by internet banking cash, store vouchers, or any other, the choice is yours, spend or donate to your favorite charity. Whichever way, just enjoy!
The amount is based entirely on the final figure your property sells for.
It could take up to 21 days but, it will be worth waiting for.
No, there are no charges whatsoever for using our services. In fact, by using our services we pay you a Reward as our way of saying thank you.