You don’t have to be born in this fine land

Nor stay here all your life

You can come as late as the need arises

Away from your world of strife.


You can lay down your roots and at last feel free

Where  your children can  grow tall and proud,

And we will welcome you with open arms

In our land of the Long White Cloud.


We are all the same in the eyes of the Lord

And his hand will guide you through,

When you give to your new found home,

Your life will start anew.


And if by chance you meet someone

Who may not be nice as can be,

Remember they’re not the typical bloke

We call a true Kiwi


Kiwis most times are a friendly bunch,

Who take you as they find?

And very soon you’ll feel at home

Leaving fear and dread behind.


So, we welcome you to our fine land.

To the Land of the Long white Cloud

Get out in the sun, get out in the rain,

And of your achievement please be proud,


You have saved your children from a life of fear

And this was your solemn vow

So, lift your head, and start afresh

And smile,  you’re a Kiwi now


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