New Zealand smaller towns are booming.

While the price of a home in Auckland is going to cost you more than it would have a few of years ago, the slump seems over and prices are seeing  another  bounce back to life.

Smaller town in New Zealand are wallowing in sunshine too at the rise in the value of their properties.

The owner of a property in the provincial town of Marton in the Rangitikei got a great price in October 2019 but was shocked a couple  of days ago as to the extent that same house had risen in value once again in such a short time.

The real price rises are happening in smaller towns, those with a rural flavour that had the lowest values in the region.  It is expected these will reach a peak to be the lowest again, but a higher value than previously.

If where you live is not important, but the price you can afford is the main issue,  you have several choices to put  roots down in NZ where prices are mostly under $400,000

The town of Nightcaps in Southland has a friendly community and you will get real value for money here.

Heading to the North Islands several areas in Hawkes Bay also that are within reach of the modest budget buyer.

At the other end of the scale Dunedin,  where Agents are competing hard for listings home owners are having a real heyday.

House shortages are sending prices up- up -up.
Areas such as Clyde Hill, Dalmore and Liberton showed a great price hike.

Parts of Napier, too, are certainly showing great growth.

Not to be forgotten is of course our capital Wellington.  The areas classed as Lifestyle continue to attract more affluent buyers, while the suburb  of Grenada North, with a growth rate of around  $150 per $1000 still is the most affordable.

Seaside  suburbs being Seatoun, Karaka  and Breaken Bay are all climbing steadily at 8 to 10%.

Upper Hutt is showing great promise for home sellers and bad news for buyers as prices in some areas rise as much as 16%.

This all points to a  buoyant property market with most regions climbing in value, and some lower end properties still being in the affordable range for some, but not all.

Whether you agree or not, to ask a young couple to buy a first home with a minimum deposit and a hefty price tag is locking them in for decades of mortgage payments.   Unless wages take a massive hike the days when Mum could stay home, and the family live on one wage will forever stay a pipe dream for most families..

What happened to State Advance Corporation that became Housing Corp. Where first home buyers could get loans as low as 2 or 5% over the length of the loan.

If either National or Labour would stop building State houses and ill affordable Kiwi build and give first home buyer’s interest rates low enough that they could afford to pay,  families would build their own homes.   The government has land banks everywhere.  Free it up Labour, make land and house building affordable for first home buyers.    Where it is not possible for someone to build or buy, government could build small blocks of units, say 3 in a row with room at the back for kids to play, and charge a nominal rent where children could experience the joy of a holiday, a live show, some treat every now and then.

Thousands of families in NZ live on the bread line and not of their own making.  It would be interesting to know the statistics of how many children from middle and high-income families manage to stay at school long enough to gain University entrance, against how many have to leave to try and get a job to help support the family.    The saying all children are born equal, is true but not all get the same chance in life.

The city or rural life?

Many families like to live near facilities rather than rural, but crowding them in a couple of kilometres of sameness with no trees to climb is robbing them at being a child.

In the lush lifestyle blocks of Papakura/Karaka I have seen a very sad sight.   If you live near this area, you know already that Auckland Council has approved what I call Noddy houses by the score, one after another after another, street after street of what I think are all the same colour and all the same boring design, where neighbours can almost shake hands and be in different properties.

A particular piece of land is simply beautiful, lush green grass, a stream running thru and tall trees in the background.  It would be no more than 3 km of Papakura township. Lying on the ground was a Real Estate sign.  On picking it up,  it showed that yes, more and more and more of these Noddy houses were destined for this heavenly peaceful acreage.

All this for the mighty dollar!   As I said before, Government has land banks so why are they zoning our rural and lifestyle land residential, and why are they passing consents on such housing totally child unfriendly as far as space to build a hut, throw a ball, play cricket and all the pastimes earlier children knew.

Government needs to have a hard-long look at the housing problem and building more will not solve it.

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