Is it an addiction, well yes it is, and for all who gamble regularly, some will often spend more than they could afford?

Why can’t  they stop when enough is enough?

Because the next spin, or the next hand may be the winning one, where not only will they get all their money back they will make a profit.

From the addicted, you will get frantic searches for more money to try and chase what is lost, and for those who are a bit less you will get irritation that they were so stupid.

They sit and hold a post-mortem when they get home of where they went wrong.   They plan a series of bets and machines for their next visit in the firm but futile belief this will solve the losing streak they are on.

Now they are faced with frugal living until they get paid again, and this time swear they will not be trapped like that again.

But overall, most forget what they lost last time and go right on doing the same, getting the same result, the same  irritation and the same anger with themselves.

Do you ever win at the local or at a Casino ?

Of course, you do, and sometimes it makes up for the losses of many weeks prior, but in all cases, the pokier machine are programmed in the Casino’s favour.

If you sit at the right machine, you can win. If you sit at the wrong one, you lose. I read once; You should let your machine spin 8 times.  If nothing happens, move on. I do not know if there is any truth in that.

A lot of the machines today give you a choice of a bet.

That is, 1c,2c, 5c, 10c, $1, and $2  and you can play any denomination you choose at the same machine.

For those who go regularly it is always annoying when your favourite machine has suddenly been replaced by a totally new game, especially if it is one you dislike.  Casino’s and locals  don’t seem to get this, and think change is good.  Sorry, in this case it is not. Why Casinos have this mindset is beyond me. Regular patrons have special machines they play all the time, and those who come only occasionally won’t know any difference, anyway.

Lots of us will have extra cash at Christmas, so make yourself a budget if you are going to the casino for a bit of fun.  Take only what you are prepared to lose, and do not take any credit cards.  When you are down to  your last $20 find yourself a 1c machine.  With 2000 credits in your machine you can sit forever, playing 1c a spin.  Don’t borrow of someone who is with you,  and with a bit of luck when you get home you will find money for you in the draw just waiting for you to sigh relief you did not take it all.

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