Holding a garage sale

Holding a garage sale, our 12 step idea plan.

When you are organizing to sell your property, good items that you have no further use for can bring in welcome cash at a time of extra expense.
Many of those moving have had plenty of experience holding a garage sale but for those who have not, here are a few ideas to boost customer interest.
  1. Hold it on a day when it does not clash with other markets, or special event.
  2. Many families have sport on a Saturday morning so think about holding it say from 1 pm.
  3. Buy a few garage sale signs and put them in places where there are traffic lights.
  4. Draw up a flyer on the computer and get it printed out.  Try to get 4 to a page.
  5. Deliver them to letterboxes in the area, and handsome out at the local shopping centre.
  6. Go to a local market day, and hand the out as people leave.
  7. Get online and  advertise your garage sale on the garage sale website.  Garage sales and even eventfinda are both good ways to advertise your garage sale.
  8. If you are really keen go to the local primary school and hand out flyers to parents picking their children up.
  9. If not already, join your local Facebook buy and sell groups. Post when your holding your garage sale and list a few items you are selling. When your garage sale is set up, post again with a picture.
  10. Depending where you live, a classified ad in the newspaper could be less than $20. It will reach a lot of people and more to the point people buy the newspaper for this very reason.
  11. Word of mouth can spread like wildfire, tell family and friends.
  12. Put a Garage Sale ad in your local New World, pak n save, local notice boards in general. People go and look at these boards, so it’s a great way to get your garage sale seen.


Make sure that what you sell is in either working order, or fit for use.  Nothing will put buyers off more if a lot of the items are broken, dirty or just plain junk.

-Clothing should be washed, no rips, and all the buttons and zips working properly.

-Books should be clean and not torn.

-Kitchenware should be clean and in good working order.

This goes for everything at the sale.  If you would not buy it, don’t try and sell it to someone else.

Ensure everything is priced well.  Watch out for people who try to swap price labels, and have enough people helping to eliminate sticky fingers trying to own without paying.

Prices need to be such that will entice even the most frugal buyer, just because something looks like new, doesn’t mean you need to charge new price.

If you are offering breakable items make sure you have plenty of bubble wrap/newspaper.  With plastic bags in short supply now perhaps on your flyer suggest they bring a bag.

If it’s a hot day, have free cordial or water in a jug with throw away cups.

Use bum bags for keeping money safe,  and make sure you have plenty of  $10 and $5 notes and plenty of change.

Leave your cell phone in the car and lock it.

If your house is empty lock it, remembering to take the keys with you.

At the end of the day, you can either half the price, try again next week, try on your local Facebook buy and sell or give the left over to a local charity shop.

Whichever you choose, from TopNotch Agents NZ Ltd, Referral Agents to NZ Home sellers have a good one.

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I hope you find this blog, ‘Holding a garage sale’, helpful.

By Anne Freeman