How Do We Do It

How we do it

How To Earn Your Cash Reward

Before you contact any agent, CONTACT US FIRST. Its that simple

We will identify the best Agent in your area, ideally suited to market your property. They will have met all our strict criteria, as listed below.

    • Have vast experience and successful selling reputation in your area
    • Will work hard to get you the very best price
    • Are known for their Real Estate ethics and skills
    • Will work with you for the best viewing times and
    • Will always keep you in the loop
How we do it


You can feel confident you are in the safe hands of a successful experience former Real Estate Agent. Who has sold a diverse range of Real Estate for over 25 years, including hundreds of residential properties.

It is this passion that drives us forward. Making the process of selling your home stress-free and rewarding in every way.

Over the years, we have seen many home sellers on the verge of panic. When the agent is unsuited for the job of selling their property.

The free service TopNotch agents provides ensures this doesn’t happen to any of our clients.

We also developed the popular Cash Reward system for our clients.  To be eligible for your Cash Reward, you only need to use the agent that TopNotch recommends, it’s that simple. Once the house is sold, you will receive your cash within 40days, this can be anything up-to $600.

TopNotch started as an idea to give every seller of real estate types the opportunity to use the best agents.   It is obvious that any agent can still manage to sell a few properties, don’t become one of the less fortunate sellers whose house didn’t sell, all as a result of not using the best agent, leaving you with a trail of broken hopes and dreams of what could have been.  Especially when the house you want to buy isn’t possible until yours has sold.

The difference in using an experienced agent.

Some Agents get quite blasé and brush aside the torn emotions a home seller can have, such as all the happy memories they cherish after living in the home for decades, a home that was a safe haven for their children in years past.

The seller has a reason for selling and it may well be the house is too big now to manage, and a generous lashing of empathy from the Agent is a real bonus to put a client in a place of acceptance they are doing the right thing.

Finally, we hope you can now see the benefits of using the free service of TopNotch Agents. For any further questions you would like answers call 027 237 5057 where someone will wait to give you more information.

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