This is a ‘How to get your property ready for sale/open home, when you’re looking to sell your home fast?  As no-one wants it on the market too long and going stale. Get your property ready to entice your new buyer.

Getting your home ready isn’t as difficult as you think, as everyone has their own tastes. Just doing some simple cleaning/repairs can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

We will go through ways to give a good impression to your potential buyers. We are focusing on small DIY just to give your property a little more curve appeal. The new homeowners will do any major work if they feel they require it. This ‘how to’ list that is mostly clean and fixing things you may or may not have thought of.

De-clutter and renting a storage locker

Tidy up and pre-pack a few items to take the “clutter” away. In Auckland, it takes a median of 45days to sell a property, so making it clutter free for those days will pay off at finding your potential buyer. In addition, you could pre-pack and leave the essentials to make it easier for your open homes. You can have a ‘to do list’ and take a few boxes each week to a storage locker Storage unit prices . That is the first website I clicked, but I’m sure shopping around you might find better. If your family is anything like mine, they are pulling all their favourite things out within an hour of me tidying. So the storage unit will make it easier over the next 1-2 months.

Cleaning the Kitchen and Bathroom.

Take the time to do a thorough deep clean of the kitchen and bathroom, when you have an open home people will look in depth into these two rooms. As they are picturing if they lived here, what would it be like? They might even look into your fridge, to picture what would they be cooking tonight. Tidy your cupboards and pantry as part of this step. If you don’t enjoy cleaning, take the time to decide if you should get a cleaner in to make your kitchen and bathroom spotless.

Fixing and replacing.

Ensure you have all the knobs for your appliances, that they work and making sure the doors are not sticky, squeaky or jammed. Change any bulbs in lights that don’t work, all gates/door handles work and fix any dripping taps. Potential buyers will notice when things are missing, not working properly or broken. Don’t let them get a bad impression of your property and fix anything before you put your house on the market.

Yes! More cleaning, this time your windows.

Clean your windows inside and out, cleaning in general. Yes, more cleaning but this will make your house shine over the rest of the homes your potential buyers have looked at. Think of it as a “super” spring clean, this will give a nice impression when you have your open home. Buyers will appreciate the time you took to make your home clean. Washing the walls inside and out, just like in step 2 you can always outsource this to a cleaning company.

Outside- Driveway and gardens.

Clean any paths, driveway,  keep the lawn mowed, weeded and tidy any gardens. Is your garden looking a little unloved? Go buy some flowers and make your garden enticing, a nice garden can be a good selling point and gives that first impression.

Gib Repair, Paint or Reseal grout lines if necessary.

Gib Repair this can be daunting but if you have a few holes in your gib, this can be a do-it-yourself job.  Give it a coat of paint after and no one will ever know there were holes. If the grout in your bathroom is looking a little tacky, all you need is a toothbrush, dish-washing soap, vinegar, scout sealer, sponge/small brush and a cloth.   If your grout has been unsealed for sometime, you may even like to look into a product like ‘exit mould’ which claims to remove mould in 30 seconds.

For a DIY guide Mitre10 provides a step by step guide for gib repair here. For a resealing grout lines go to here to see your step by step guide.

The walk through to appropriate all your good work.

When you are finished ‘getting your property ready for sale’, do a walk through and see what things you notice that potential buyers might notice that you would like to fix. Don’t give them a reason to not give you your asking price, things they see that they believe they need to fix just gives them reasons to try to take money off the offer. Be proactive, as much as you can anyway and get the potential buyers falling in love with your home.

Ask a friend to do a walkthrough.

Ask a trusted friend or family member to act as a buyer and give your home a once over, they may pickup on something you haven’t. They should give you advice if they smell something funny like if you have pets, as long as you are aware it is easily fixed. Keep the cat box clean, dog smell at a minimum and all your open homes should go off without a hitch.

Ready for sale and your open home.

Now you have your home ready to sell. It is essential you get a top agent to highlight all the work you have put in. Let Topnotch Agents make sure you have the best agent for your property and let us give you your cash back reward*. To find out more about our referral agency please go to our home page.

So, you have an open home or the agent just called last minute. They want to show a potential buyer the house, hopefully he/she will give you at least 30 minute’s notice. You can get a lot done in this time and make sure to re-tidy your house.

Your first focus will make sure the kitchen and bathroom are still clean and smelling fresh. A drop of vanilla essence on a warm element will give the kitchen a lovely just-baked biscuit aroma. Make sure the toilet seat cover is down and give it a quick spray with room freshener. Open the window and take all used towels to the washing machine, remember to put clean towels in their place.

Put all unwashed laundry into the washing machine, where it will not be seen. Make sure there are no kids’ toys/bikes lying on the ground, inside or out for someone to trip over.

Never interrupt an Agent when they are showing clients, unless they ask a question. Trust your agent is showing the potential buyer all the good qualities and they know how to sell your home.

Congratulations on thinking about selling your home. I hope this ‘how to get your property ready for sale/open home’ has helped. Remember to do your homework and find a ‘top agent’ or let TopNotch Agents do the legwork for you.


Coming up next on our tips to selling your home: “How to make your move a stress free one”. Keep an eye out for our next blog.


Have a nice day and hope your sale goes smoothly.