How to make sure your dog gets returned

How to make sure your dog gets returned

We have an animal control contract and this article is based on our experience.

Things to do are: Vaccinate, microchip, register, fence your new family member in and make sure your details are always up to date with the council.


Have a new member of the family? The first four things to do are: Vaccinate, microchip, register and fence your new family member in, so they cannot escape. The council gives you until your puppy is 3 months old but making sure they are in the council system before that, makes sure they get returned home. We get a lot of puppies into the pound and it’s not an ideal environment for your puppy to be.

We don’t just have puppies visiting us, we recently had an 14year old collie. He was an hour away from his house but the owner didn’t update their details. The man that own him was an 90year old man and took a turn when he thought his friend ‘left’. The man was in the hospital and one of our animal control officers went and asked everyone around the area he was found. Which lead to the mans brother and when the man was out of hospital they were reunited for free.

Dogs love to go on adventures.

Let’s face it, dogs like to go on adventures but make sure they can find their home again. We have picked up many of our doggy friends that haven’t been registered and have no microchip. I don’t know what other council policies are but ours is to return the dog home, if it was their first time visiting us. If you have had your free return home, it’s time to make sure they can not go on another adventure. It can become expensive if they visit us on a regular basis.

The next visit can be anything from $200, other fees can apply. Every day your doggy is in the pound that goes to the total cost, which can add up quickly.

If your doggy is not registered you will need to pay that before your doggy can be released back to you, plus you pay a penalty for not registering. This is to educate and get people to make sure their doggy is registered on time, from my experience not having your doggy vaccinated/registered/micro-chipped only hurts the dogs.

We have seen so many doggy being re-home because the owner hasn’t come in the pay the fees.

How does the re-homing work?

Well, all dogs have a temperament test, the dogs that pass, are emailed to one of three re-homing agencies. They send one of their volunteers to come to the pound, to take pictures/videos and to get a description for when they are re-homing. They will rename the doggy to something they think suits, if we know their name we will say their old name with their new name, so they can transition but usually dogs are re-home quickly. Which is a good thing, as depending on your doggy the pound can be a stressful place for your dog to be in.

No one wants to hear it, but the pound is not a pleasant place for you dog AT ALL. It’s loud, they get only 1hour of outside time, human interaction is rare minimum, daily feeding. You might be thinking, ‘I only feed my doggy once’. But combine all the listed things together, can stress your doggy out. In some cases, can also make them become aggressive. You have to think it’s a new loud environment. They are penned up with strange dogs that have been adventuring out just like your doggy, some dogs stay their happy selves, some dogs howl, some bark non stop, some stay on their bed and don’t want to move, some become aggressive, some even come into the pound with parvo.

The not so nice about adventuring away from home.

Adventuring can be fun for your doggy but only when they have been vaccinated and when you are present. People need to walk their fence and make sure there is nowhere your doggy can get out. Being pro-active can save your dogs life.

It’s sad but parvo can be anywhere, this is why I said the first things to do are vaccinate, microchip, register and make sure your fence will keep your doggy in. Not all dogs have an happy ending when they go out to adventure, so before getting a new family member do the math and see if your able to: Vaccinate, microchip, register and fence.

We know life can be hectic, but our dogs are a part of the family, so make sure your doggy is returned instead of being booked into the pound.