How to make your move a stress free one

How to make your move a stress free one

Moving to a new home can be exciting until you think about the packing side of things, then it can feel a little daunting but it doesn’t have too. A little planning and a check list can turn a daunting moving day to another happy memory.

Doesn’t matter if your moving an hour away or to anther country, the stress level an be the same. My husband and I moved to new Zealand back in 2010 to be closer to his family and how we had to pack to get through quarantine is still how we pack today.

My husband and I have moved around for work a lot since we have got together, even tho he drives the moving truck now it can get a little hectic if everything wasn’t planned out well. The first time we moved within new Zealand the removal truck didn’t turn up at all, due to an accident. That’s all we were told on the day and I remember the stress like it was yesterday. Our little girl was three months old and we were moving to take over our first business together and that was a well-planned out move.

So, even though everything is planned things can still go wrong.

This ‘how to’ make your move a stress-free one, is assuming you are packing your items yourself.

House moving m3 calculator nz:  This is the first one I went too, this will give you an idea how much room you will need when going to a moving company or hiring a van/truck to move it yourself.

Tip #1: Pick a removal company early on, do your research and look at reviews.

It’s important to pick professionals and a company that is big enough if something on their end doesn’t go to plan your move is still going to happen. Reviews should give you an idea if they are reliable or rough when stacking your items into the truck and your items might get broken. (This can be also due to not packing a box correctly)

Ask your movers what they can and cannot take, some movers for example will not take plants, Perishable food etc it’s better to ask then be disappointed on the day.

You might not think so but if your waiting for school holidays or a weekend leaving it to the last moment might leave you disappointed. Most people wait for the weekend or school holidays because its more convenient for them.

Get estimates from three different movers, ask what their services include and choose the one that best suits you.

Tip #2: Buy your moving supplies.

Some movers will include this in their price but if they don’t, shop around, your better having left over boxes than being sort. Get tape, a permanent marker, some black plastic bags for soft items like pillows/kid’s teddy bears and for general rubbish you’ll find that you don’t need anymore. Bubble wrap and old newspapers, ask friends and friendly and I’m sure you will find enough.

Have different size boxes, yes you can have all the large boxes but that doesn’t mean its going to be a good idea. Filling a large moving box up with heavy things, is just going to cause problems, for one you might not be able to pick it up or if your able too, the box might break and everything falls out.

Tape your boxes well can be a solutions when packed correctly, tape the centre seam twice and add tape along the bottom edge where the flaps fold in. Make sure the tape goes 10- 25cms up the side of the box

Tip #3: Make a list of everything you need to do. This is a moving list as well as a general list.

There can be so much to remember to do while your moving, so a list will make sure you do everything that needs to be done. Even put on goals and dates to achieve them, my husband is OCD when it comes to everything being done and he will do a daily list up to the moving day, even number each box and have a manifesto of everything in the boxes. (like we had to when we were moving from Australia to New Zealand) It actually comes in really handy if you arrive at the new house late and just need some essentials to get through the night.

By the time its 7days to go all non-essentials items will be packed and a list of everything in the box will be written on the side, more so anything like ‘sammys’ favourite book and you have five different boxes full of books. You don’t want to get to your new house and don’t know where that item is.

At the bottom of all the list don’t forget to get a mail direction order or make sure you have changed everything to your new address, important information that you might need, like a moving contract, insurance information, Don’t forget to shut off utilities and make sure your new home has the utilities turned on.


Tip #4: Declutter as your packing, items that won’t suit your new house or won’t fit.

Clearing out things that’s unwanted, old or unnecessary can make your next house less cluttered and less unpacking when you get there. You can donate, sell or throw away, selling can give you more money to do some fun things along the way while your driving to your new home (if you’re moving from the south to the north island, there are a lot of new things to do).  Even if its just buying three loads of bread for your kids to feed the seagulls while waiting for the Picton ferry.

Tip #5: Stop buying groceries.

Don’t pack unnecessary groceries, start to eat them down so you’re not packing it. Same goes with your freezer and fridge. If you plan to have your freezer empty you can clean it ready for the new house.

Tip #6:  Pack a suitcase that you put in the car + a small cleaning box + Keys.

Don’t make the mistake of packing ‘fluffy” into a moving box, have a set of clothes for everyone, keys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, jewelry, important paperwork, passports, for just in case the movers don’t make it before their log books.

If you have some cleaning items on hand, you can always clean your new house if your waiting on the movers. Thoroughly cleaning the new house just means it’s going to be the way you like it and will make it seem more like home when your unpacking. It might just mean the window seals are just not as clean as you would like it, if you have the opportunity to clean, why not?


Tip #7: Make sure you have your moving survival pack for moving day.

Make sure your hydrated with plenty of drinks and have different snacks etc chillie bin with a bag of ice so everyone can have a cold drink and a good lunch will make all your helpers a happy one.


Tip #8:  Two days to go start packing the remaining items.

Start packing everything else that you haven’t already, usually the night before our move everything is packed apart from our beds, linen that we are using, modem, that night’s dinner and breakfast for moving day, tea/coffee that we will put in our suitcase. If you have kids make sure their devices are charged and ‘moving day’ should go smoothly.

Tip #9: Have fun on your moving day, your going to your new home. If all your friends and family aren’t already helping you, you could see if the kids can go with someone while you help get things ready for the truck.

Tip #10: Unpack slowly.

Yes, it is exciting but it can be exhausting, have realistic expectations on how much you want to get done. You want to unpack the first night but have a realistic goal and you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for reading, we at TopNotch Angets hope this has helped. Have a nice day and hope your move goes smoothly.