Paying it forward or simply just donating your time

Paying it forward or simply just donating your time

Who do you know that is at home most days on their own?

Someone you can think of, that could use a friendly smile or a helping hand?

Who could you pick up from their house, when you are going into a big shopping centre and take them with you for a day out?

Who is struggling at home on their own bringing up children, who would love an afternoon to themselves while you babysit?

These people and many others like them are all around us, in plain sight, but we never see them.

Are we so busy in our own little world that we miss seeing the needs of others?

You may think “ I haven’t got the money to help others, I can hardly survive myself”.

It’s not money you need to give, it’s just a bit of your time and a listening ear, a bit of empathy for those less fortunate.

Yes, sometimes you do help, and you feel they do not appreciate it.

Even the smallest thing can help

Once, on a teeming wet day I came across an old lady, struggling to walk to the shops in the rain.  I stopped my car and offered her a lift.   She told me she had not eaten for 3 days; she was very hungry. Since her family had left her on her own to go overseas for a holiday, she hadn’t eaten.

This woman was all of 90 and I could not believe no arrangements had been made. How her family didn’t have organised any help for her is beyond me. So, I decided to take her shopping myself.   About an hour later, we arrived back at her home where I helped prepare a meal for her.  She told me her family had left her and gone to Sydney for a couple of weeks. (4 in fact)

For the next 3 weeks I went every day to see her and made sure she had a meal, spending around $80 on food for her in that time, while telling me her daughter-in-law handled all her finances and she had no money till they got back.

Her family came home, and that was the last I ever saw or heard from her,  but I did not do it for reward or praise,  I did it because I believed she needed help.


Christmas is not too far away.  Remember, as a child how excited you were wondering what presents would be there for your Christmas morning?

That is a natural thought for all children, but many will be saddened this Christmas missing out on presents and a Christmas feast.

Can you invite a family in poor circumstances or just one person to dinner or even to spend the whole day with you,  can you find out if the local council or church hall or such is putting on Christmas Dinner for those on their own on Christmas Day, and if so, can you give a ride to and from the venue to someone who would love to go but has no transport?

If you can

I am not asking everyone to turn into Good Samaritans but if everyone reading this article did one kind deed for someone else in the next few weeks and asked that person to pass on a kind deed to someone else needing a hand just think how many people’s lives would be touched and it only take a short while out of your day to bring happiness to another.

You could donate one day out of the year.

The council in Taumarunui holds a ‘good neighbours day’. Where a council worker ‘ A lovely lady called Jennie’ arranges volunteers for one day. They drop off donated firewood, garden maintenance, mow lawns and give out hampers. Special requests are done with a written submission. The idea is you write into the council and nominate someone deserving, that you know. Attach a little blurb with why they are deserving, what needs to be done. They have well over 50 people each year donating their time, the amount of people volunteering their time keeps growing each year.

If you go into your local council, they may have this or something very similar, or you could arrange your own.

If you want something more regular, you can always look at becoming a AGED CONCERN –DIGNITY CHAMPION.

Do you know of any other causes that help can volunteer their time to?


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