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Those residents considering selling their homes in Christchurch should well consider using a referral company that will refer them to the most suitable, experience and successful Agent to sell their house,  and our service to find that agent for them comes at no cost. Our company, TopNotch Agents NZ, is a New Zealand registered company and operates throughout the country. Our services involves studying all aspects of a real estate agent’s sales background.  It is my belief the stringent aspects of an Agents performance is paramount for the sale of what is my most valuable asset, and our company takes the same view that only the best will do for their clients. Not only in Christchurch but all over our beautiful Aotearoa. Regardless of whereabouts in New Zealand a client lives, everyone without exception will, by contacting TopNotch Agents NZ be given not only a great cash reward when their property is sold by the Agent we suggest you use, that Agent will have fulfilled all their requirements to be named as the ideal Agent for the task of marketing your property. The Agent will have needed to show a consistent success, knowledge of your area, have good reviews on past sales,  previous reviews from house owners regarding their views of the Agents professional performance and approach, plus of course how much experience have they had selling houses in Christchurch. Each agent in the seller’s area is put under the microscope, and after much depth of research, the most suitable agent for a house seller to use will emerge. While you may be curious as to how a company can give such a service at no charge, even more perplexing is the fact that they also give you a monetary “thank you” when the Agent they suggest you used to sell your house, secures a sale. This monetary “thank you” can range from $250 and go upwards to $500, perhaps even a larger amount. At various times the Real Estate market fluctuates from being a market great when you want to sell your house, to the opposite market when buyers have plenty to pick and choose from. Listings at the lifeblood of the Real Estate Agents livelihood, and for this reason, whether it is a buyer or sellers’ market should they be given a chance of a listing they will pay the referring company a “thanks for the listing” referral fee, and when that happens you are sent from TopNotch Agents your own monetary “thank your for using our service” Over the past few years.   Real Estate owners and businesses in the Christchurch have had their share of ups and downs after a severe earthquake of September 2010 followed by the loss of life shake in February 2011. Since then, even after several aftershocks  later,  Cantareira’s, at their best, have stood their ground and their Real Estate by refusing to let mother nature get the better. Christchurch Agents tell of home-owners panicking and asking Agents to “please sell my house as soon as possible” and the owner selling the house for far less that the Agent had said it was worth, certainly not the best move to keep prices stable. It is very doubtful such a thing would happen if you were to use the free service of TopNotch Agents NZ because the experience Agent they would recommend you used to sell your home would put a fair market price on your property, thus avoiding parting with your home below its worth. “Our is the rewarding way to sell”
  • What is the benefit to me? By phoning us first, when the Agent we refer you to sell your property you will have earned your cash Reward! No catches, no strings, just enjoy! It’s yours to spend or donate to your favourite charity.
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