I can write with some authority here as I have just done a house move and still have not finished.

It is a very emotional experience, a very tiring one, a great strain on temper, and a load of “where is its”

You seem to get into a bigger mess than when you first started, and items long forgotten appear out of nowhere.

You stop and gaze at the pot holder than your child made when they were little at school,  you cant find a precious photo album in a place it ought to be, you wonder why you kept so much junk for so long, you seem to work on nervous energy and then collapse in a heap.

You decide to sell things you have had for years, or just throw them out.  You thought you would have enough plastic containers or bags, boxes or all three yet there is never enough.

You pile them into a car, and head home.  This is just the first trip !!    You start to unpack, and realize the furniture has not arrived and you have no drawers to put things in.  You have to go back and sleep in the chaos.

You are asleep in 5 minutes tops, only to have the furniture removals banging on the door at 8 am.   You stagger out of bed and open the door to 2 burly fellows keen to get going.

1 hour later you seem to be in an even bigger mess, and to make things worse you have no milk for your morning sustenance.

You can’t stay because you have to follow the truck and make sure the furniture goes where it is supposed to .   You stay long after the removal guys have gone and start putting away things in the drawers.

The former house is still in chaos, and someone is coming in an hour to look at the fridge you are selling and you haven’t even given it a clean yet.   The children are refusing to throw away anything,  and fill bags with broken toys and torn books.

You have run out of rubbish bags,  and if you have a partner he is probably more interested in making sure his tools and sport gear is safe.    You get to a point of putting a mixture of items in one bag, so now finding a particular item is a complex game of chance.

When you head hits to pillow with another day ahead of you, your mind starts this  “  Where is my wedding album, I have not seen it, where is the medal my child won for talent.  I have got up at 2 am in the morning searching for precious items, all which after days of anguish, all turn up eventually.

Yes, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to all who are moving to a new house, a more stressful time I cannot think of.

One solution of course, would have been to clean out cupboards and drawers long ago, even before the house was listed for sale, ago, but as usual, most of us leave it to the last minute.   This time though, I am being ruthless and refuse to take anything I should have thrown out years ago.

As one wise man said.   Only take what is useful, beautiful, or precious.

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