The Rewarding Way To Sell Your Property


You have been seriously considering selling your present property for some time.

Now you intend to act.

This brings with its apprehension and a barrage of questions.

Everyone has their own questions and concerns  some of which are:-

Where will I go, will I stay in the same town or move away?

How much will I invest in my next property; Will I use all my sale funds or keep some?

Do I want to live near my children or relatives?

If I buy a unit, will I be allowed a pet?

What sort of house will I buy, or will I buy a unit., and for our senior readers, will I buy an apartment into a Retirement Village?

Many feel apprehensive about selling their home without finding one to move into first.  This is understandable, and unless you are offered a price out of the blue that you just can’t refuse it is probably best to buy subject to your own house selling.

Once all these questions are settled in your mind, the next one is.

Who will I get to sell mine and find me my ideal property too.

When we are ready to sell what may be your most valuable asset, we all want one thing.  The best agent and the best price.

You want the most money for your house and while the buyer wants the most house for their money, your Agent’s main priority is to their principal, you, the one who will pay their commission when the property is sold. Of course, the Agent has a duty of care to ensure the buyer is informed of all important issues relating to the property, and to be honest and open with all matters that have a bearing on  the buyer’s decision, but at the end of the day, your Agent is there to get you the best price they can for you..

Even with lots of signs around the place with one Agents name popping up all the time, does not necessarily suggest they are the best Agent. They may be the best lister but other colleagues in the office may be selling them.

Seriously, the best way to identify the best Agent is to engage a Referral company such as a favourite,  TopNotch Agents  who gives their services to home sellers free of any charges. Yes, our service is free.

Our free service to you comprises solely of searching  each Real Estate Agency in your area and selecting the best Agent in that office.  We then put all the chosen Agents from all the offices thru a criteria sieve to clearly mark one Agent, possibly 2 as clear winners.

These will be, in our opinion, the BEST OF THE BEST.

The Criteria list involves

Who has sold most in your area?

Who has had the most experience?

Who has won awards for their performance?

Who has good review from sellers?

Who is professional with buyers and sellers?

Who works your area well and is consistent?

Once we inform you of the Agent or Agents we feel are best for you and you accept our selection, the Agent will contact you and arrange a meeting with you just as would happen if you rang an Agent yourself.

However, we have one other great reason for using our free service.

When your selected Agent sells your property, as with all referrals, the Agent will forward us a Referral fee as a Thanks you for introducing a new and hopefully long-term  client, and we in turn will share that fee with you to do just as you like with it. Use it towards moving fees, use it towards solicitor fee, splash out and take the whole tribe out to dinner, or any other way you want to spoil yourself.

Why not visit our website, see what we have to offer, read our Q & A page,  and if you’re ready now to sell your property or in the future contact us for wonderful friendly and understanding service.

or phoning us as many times as your need  on 0800 355 655

TopNotch Agents NZ Ltd.