$$$ FOR YOUR HOME.

We have all heard the saying “First impressions are most important” well for selling your home this is very true.

Clients may look at the outside of a house and not even want to inspect the inside, fearing that it may be worse than the exterior they can see from the car!

So first things first.  Remove clutter and  ensure lawns are mowed, and the pathways are not obstructed.

Any curtains not hanging straight or torn should be removed or replaced.

Any rot in the windowsills should be treated, and windows cleaned to at least give the potential buyer a reason to inspect.

Going to the back exterior of the house, make sure the dog or cat has not left its calling card on the grass where it may be stepped on, and move childrens bikes and toys out of the way.  Make sure the rubbish bin smells like roses, and  try to give the back area a look of spaciousness as much as possible.

If you have a back deck, and a bbq having this lit on a warm afternoon could be a nice touch. Clients will visualize their family having a meal el fresco.

If you have animals, make sure they are securely tied up where they cannot jump up on those inspecting the property.

Now for the inside.

Any paint work that needs cleaning should be done prior to listing the property, and a room that needs repainting should also get the attention it needs.

I turned a house down once that would have suited me fine, because they had a dog whelping in the bedroom and the kitchen had been painted in a flat paint they had spare after painting another bedroom.  All kitchen and bathroom areas should be painted with enamel, most people know that.

Now let’s get onto children.

Don’t let eager children interrupt the salesperson’s job by trying to show visitors their room, or any room.

If there is a swing or playground equipment in the backyard your children should be there, and if children come with the visitors they can play too.

Parents seeing children fit into the environment can be a bit of a heart tugger.

Ensure your kitchen is clean and tidy and give a lot of thought as to how you can make it look bigger, clean uncluttered benches help this.   If weather permits, open the windows slightly to let in fresh air and give the floors a good mop.

I have mentioned before the idea of putting two drops of vanilla essence on a warm element to give that fresh baking smell, and that is still a great tip.

The next most important rooms are the bathroom and toilet.

Give the shower, bath, and handbasin a good clean, put fresh soap and towels. And again, open the window slightly.

Any mold on the ceilings or walls can be killed with bleach, and it is very important you do this in order the client sees nothing but pure white ceilings, again mop the floor.

The same with the toilet.  Spray a nice scent in there if you have one, and again open the window.

Bedrooms can be a challenge, especially young children and teenagers.   Make the beds and do the best you can with the mess. Don’t apologies for the mess.

Summarizing here are my thoughts.

  1. Make your home look as big as possible.
  2. Give it a warm welcoming feeling with cleanliness.
  3. Anything you want the visitors to know tell your Agent before they arrives and ensure the agent knows of anything such as a favourite light shade you do not intend to leave behind.
  4. Smile but don’t speak to the visitors or the agent unless they speak first.  Tell them exactly what they want to know and leave it at that. Do not elaborate.
  5. Warn children of the consequences if they attempt to control to viewing.  NO ICE CREAM FOR YOU TONIGHT might be enough. Just remember. Anything your can do to show your home in its best light–do it

Following a few of these tips should get you more money for your house they when it comes to selling time,  and don’t forget  TopNotch Agents Ltd NZ are here with there free service to help you find the most ideal agent for the job.   Just call  us on 0800355 655   See out website

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