TopNotch Agents NZ Ltd are Behind The Homeless

While I am not a victim of being totally homeless, none the less I am one of thousands of New Zealanders who lost everything in the 2008-2010 crisis. Like so many of us, I was fortunate to start again. I have always been lucky enough to manage a roof over my head, a few dollars for enjoyment and to put food on the table. It is exceedingly sad when as New Zealanders we turn our back on the homeless, street people and attempt to put them out of sight and out of mind. It’s a sad fact that police move these people on, they are in front of shop doorways for the shelter when shop owners complain that they are losing trade because of their presence putting people off.

Seeking human kindness

Perhaps next time, do as I do and buy them some food, a bag of chips, a pie, a hotdog, a sandwich, or anything that shows people do care. Stop and think for a minute or two.  ‘What has bought these people to this position’. Some people say “they like living this way”, I suppose you would not have the financial burden of renting or owning a home, but a homeless man in his fifties, found dead in a church car park about 1 year ago told another story.

Malnourished, and cold sleeping on concrete is not conducive to healthy living. Here, at TOPNOTCH AGENTS NZ LTD, we would like to hear from people in each area where there are known homeless people. With the intention of setting up group’s, to help those without secure housing who want to be helped. I say want to be helped, because yes, it’s true, not everyone wants to be helped. We will be doing our part on behalf of the homeless by liaising with the group leaders to find them permanent accommodation.

Outside thinking and educating

I know of a near new 1 bedroom unit, that has been vacant for over 5 months !! with rent for a couple of less than $250 p/w located in South Auckland, there are a few conditions to this property but is no doubt one of many located throughout the country that can be put to good use. These would be a permanent solution to many homeless people. By ringing your local council and speaking to the right person you may well find there are vacancies in your area too. Salvation ArmyPresbyterian Church and many more Charitable groups can help with accommodation problems. Finally, remember, you can write regarding any issue whatsoever when it comes to housing or real estate problems.


Just flick an email to  and I will answer as soon as I can.

By Anne Freeman TopNotch Agents