When one of the bread winner gets sick, the plan to make unexpected leave less daunting. Plan for the future, come and make your plan today.

Don’t you just love the bright sparks, who tells you should get sickness insurance for times like this?

You are working alongside your partner because you can’t manage on one wage, so how can you start and afford costly Insurance.  Yes, we know you can’t really afford not to have it, but when the premiums keep rising, it is one the monthly bills you tend to slash.

Now we have nowhere to turn other than to relatives or loan companies, which you could hardly afford to pay back, anyway.

So, lets make a plan before the bread winner gets sick. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Try to save a set amount each week, be it  $5+ whatever you can afford and DON’T TOUCH IT.

Take a long look at your weekly expenses and see how you can cut down to save even more.

Get a plan in place in case this happens.

Talk to your bank and put your mortgage on hold for as long as possible. Or see if the landlord will lower the rent until you get back on your feet.

You may need to have up to a month’s worth of payments saved. Don’t forget, you will not get paid for around a week or fortnight once you get back to work.

Find out in advance if Work and Income could help, with an accommodation benefit, Temporary additional support, can you get a sickness benefit for a while?

Can you give a boarder a room for a couple of months to help with costs,  can you cut your Sky bills from $66 a month to $33 basic until you can afford to go back,  can you get another job for a few extra hours a week?  Can you save petrol by taking the train or bus?  Have you got items you could sell on trade me or other avenues?

Find out who is the Head of the Billing Department who has the authority to make decisions and write to all of them telling each company what has happened.

Years ago, I had to do this.  Not only did they give me the grace to not pay for 1 month with no penalty,  one permitted me to add $5 to the next 10 month’s bills to eventually catch up.  One company even waived 2 months’ payments!

The secret is, letting them know the situation before your payment is due.  I am yet to meet a company who does not try to accommodate your needs.

Planning could ease the blow if one of you are off work for a week or two and never say it will never happen.

Below is a sample letter to the Head of the Billing Dept.  This could be sent via email as an attachment.


Mr. John Doe,                            7th February 2019

Chief Billing Officer,

ABC Company,

High Street,



Good afternoon Mr Doe

Re Account number 12344   J J Smith.

I am writing to you for help.

My husband has had an accident and is not permitted back at work for some 2 to 3 weeks.  Enclosed please find a copy of the doctor’s note confirming this.

My monthly payment to the ABC company is $72, and the last payment I made was January 22nd when due.

Even after my husband gets back to work, it could be 2 weeks before he receives wages.

My next payment to you is due on the 22nd of this month (February)

Can you please confirm I am able to make my next payment on the 22 March and add $10 to each month’s account thereafter until the $72 has been cleared?  Can you also please confirm that I will not be charged any late penalty fees?

We have been customers of your company for 4 years, and this is the first time we have asked for help.

Many thanks,

Mary Smith.

I hope you have enjoyed ‘When one of the bread winner gets sick’.


Written by Anne, TopNotch Agents NZ, Referral Agents to all or NZ House sellers.    Phone us on 0800 355 655 for all information.