Why let an Agent sell your property.

Why let an Agent sell your property.

So, you’re thinking of selling your property yourself? Maybe it’s because you think you will save money, that you believe that it will be expensive. An agent can add a lot of value, the best agent can easily maximise your total sale price. There are mixed reviews on having an agent but when you go forward on selling your property yourself, there are things you can overlook that an agent just makes it more ‘stress free’ for the vendor.

You have mostly the same tools like Trademe Property, Facebook, Newspapers, the word of mouth but they also have connections and experience behind them. They have people walking into their office and have a database built over their years. People know where to go when they are looking to buy, professional ‘for sale signs’ on the lawn, with a known company. Last but not least, they have time to show the potential buyer and know the legal producers.

Problems you may face when selling your own property are; deciding on the right price, you may overprice or under price if you don’t get a property evaluation or haven’t looked into getting your free valuation. Which you still need to be mindful for people that would like to get a mortgage to buy your property, the bank will not always accept your valuation which makes it harder for the buyer to buy your property.  Making time to show potential buyers your home, understanding the necessary paperwork. Advertising, marketing like the professionals, anyone can sell a home but how long will it take? You might have other agents selling their listings because they are more experienced.

This isn’t to discourage you, this is to show the value of an agent’s experience, time and advice when selling a property. I’ve read a lot of blogs, that say agents are overpriced etc. What do they do to really bring in value? I feel the opposite, you might be the best accountant in Auckland and trying to get a new client that is a start-up company, but they might want to deal with their tax themselves but that doesn’t mean it won’t be stress-full. If that business just went to you for their accounting needs, they might have saved paying as much tax. So, you the accountant actually can add value even after they pay you. They might get more of a tax credit than they thought they were entitled too. The actual advice you as the account gives them adds value.

The same goes with a Real-Estate Agent, the difference is tho you should be looking for the ‘best agent’ and by asking questions or getting a referral real-estate agent do the legwork for you. You are even adding more value when finding the ‘best agent’, they are working even when you’re not seeing them. When you find yourself a ‘top agent’ they are working towards a common goal, which is to get you your best price within a timely time frame.

Lets have a look into some tools that are used. has over 500k traffic going to their website each month because when people want to buy a home it’s public knowledge that they have advertising for properties all over new Zealand. They are the 73rd most visited website in new Zealand on the 29-09-2019, which is a lot of exposure.

Now that’s not the only online presence, there is a publicly accessible site. Can you guess? Yes, it’s they have 3.9m traffic going to their website each month. Although that is not just for property like but it’s a lot overall. I wish Trademe Property had a breakdown on data but I wouldn’t find anything.

So, if you’re thinking about selling your property make a pro and con list.  Do what’s best for you/and your family. I honestly think agents add value and it shouldn’t be a question of ‘why let an agent sell your property?’, instead it should be how do we find the best agent to sell your property?’.

Have a nice day, only settle for the top agent and we hope your sale goes sm