Real Estate Referral Agent NZ

Why use real estate referral agent in New Zealand?

A real estate referral agent in New Zealand is; not a property agent; we pay you for letting us take the stress out of finding you the ‘best’ agent. Contact us first and we’ll find the best agent to sell your home in your location and price range, when your house sells, we will pay you up to $1000*. It’s really that simple!

We also will be doing a ‘Tips and Tricks” blog, we will do a new post each month with helpful tips. If your interested in that please go to our website. One of the biggest questions we get asked is; ‘how are we different from other referral agents in New Zealand?’ And to put it simply we think it is our cash back reward for contacting us first and letting us refer you to your top agent.

Who is TopNotch Agents New Zealand?

The two founders come from two different industries that have come together to give the best possible service at finding your best agent. One has over 20years experience in real estate and a general passion for the property industry, while the second have been in the security/IT industry for 15years.

Every house has memories we all cherish and making a memory that your house was in the right hands make us smile. We take the time to research and find the best qualified agent for you, no strings attached.

Have you been asking the right questions to your Real Estate agent?

-How long have you been a real estate agent for?

-What properties have you recently sold in the area?

-How do you handle potential buyers’ questions?

-What selling price do you think I can achieve?

-How much will I need to spend on advertising?

-Do you have references I can contact?

-How long do you think it will take to sell my property (and why)?

-Are your fees negotiable?

-How should I sell my property (and why)?

-What makes you different to other real estate agents?

For more questions, there is a great article at

Why is it so important to find a ‘Top Real Estate Agent’?

Did you know there were 7578 houses sold across the country in May 2018. There are 15,500 active real-estate agents, who on average sell eight homes each a year. A more experienced agent can do five times this. If you have signed up with a newer agent, you are already on the back burner, someone else’s house might not have that awesome entertainment area but they had the better agent, selling the home quicker and for possibly a better price.

A “Top Agent” has more experience in their field; they are master negotiators; experts at pricing your home and cheeky enough to push for that bit extra on the sales price. They can use their sales experience to push the boundary as they know how buyers work, after all they have dealt with so many. With experience comes the ability to find buyers using their connections they have built up over the years, know the best way to use the tools at their disposal, know how to advertise your property to highlight the pluses and minimise the negatives. They live up to their names and are a Sale Agent, they push the sale to get your home sold quickly and for the maximin price. Do you really want to just have anyone sell your home?

How do we do it?

We have access to independent data & sales statistics to help us find your TopNotch Agent, you have so many local agents in your area why spend weeks finding the ‘best’ person to sell your property when we are completely free and give you a cash bonus?

TopNotch Agents do not have pre-selected agent that we use; we go on the current data available and statistics.  TopNotch Agents use a database of agents NZ wide, that have sold properties of ‘similar value’. They have a proven sales, conversion rate, and they will have met all our strict criteria.

Our Mission.

We have a clear mission. We are passionate about real-estate, we want to find you the ‘best agent’. Which will make it as stress free, as painless as possible and help with the process and advise. Therefore we have set our personal goal at $100,000 in cash rewards paid to our clients. With your help we will reach our goal.

How do you get your cash reward?

It’s simple, thinking about selling your home? Contact us first and we’ll find a TopNotch Agent in your area. We will refer you to that agent and when your home sells you will get a cash reward. This service is completely free and we are paid out of the agents’ commission. The agent pays TopNotch Agents, then we pay you your cash reward*.

Why do we do this?

There are a lot of referral companies to pick from in New Zealand but we are the only one that offers a cash back reward. We have been in real-estate for over 20years, our passion for real estate is our driving force and therefore TopNotch agents was created. Our aim is to help as many people throughout New Zealand achieve their maximum value for their property and make it a happy memory.  As a result, one of our directors stopped being a lucrative real estate agent selling a diverse range of real estate, so she has helped hundreds of people to achieve the top dollar and making it a stress-free experience. Now she has put all her focus into TopNotch Agents and we hope to be just as successful as a referral company, as she was being a leading real estate agent.

Contact Us 

So, are you or someone you know thinking about selling? Let us take some stress out of selling your home, call Anne today for a commitment free consultation on 0800 355 655

We believe our way is the rewarding way! And come join the journey of selling your house with a TopNotch real estate referral agent in New Zealand.

Have a nice day and we hope your sale goes smoothly.