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Thinking of selling your property and moving on? Want to Earn a Cash Reward? Yes, anything from $250 to $500 or more. And our service is totally FREE !!

Further down this narrative  you will learn the full details  of TopNotch Agents NZ Ltd Cash reward system,  designed especially for  house sellers  who,  by using the company’s  free service will receive anything from $250 to $500 Cash Reward or even more when their property  sells, not just in Auckland but for sellers all over New Z.ealand. But before that, let’s talk about the popular New Zealand city  of Auckland. The city of Sails stated as the third least affordable  place in the world to buy a house is not a myth,  yet there seems to be plenty of eager property hunters keen to get a foothold into the Auckland house market. The sudden and sharp rise in house prices in Auckland has happened since 2012 with a gradual continual  rise which just seems to accelerate with experienced analysists predicting a slow down that just has not happened. I clearly remember when my turn came to sell  my first house after starting in  the Real Estate industry in 1981, a nice 3br home, not very roomy,  in a modest area in an Auckland suburb had a  price tag of $35,000, a far cry from its value today estimated to be around $650,000 to $700,000, which is about the price of all modest Southern suburbs of Auckland. If you ask “ what is the best time to sell my house”  the answer is there is no best,  right or wrong time to sell your home anywhere throughout  New Zealand, but  buying again within a few weeks is a must if you want to avoid a sudden price rise such as happened in Auckland. Regardless of prices rising or falling this will happen to your purchase as well as your sale so don’t let that stop you selling and  moving on. TopNotch Agents are not a Real Estate Agency and are not licensed to sell your house.   Their structure is a Referral Company ensuring all sellers get the opportunity to use their free service to identify who they should use to promote and sell your property. TopNotch Agents NZ are also the company that gives you  a “ Cash Thank you”  once their identified Agent sells your house. This  is a company you can count on to help you achieve the very best price you can when it comes time for you to sell your present property.    This company acts as a barrier against any mistake you may make when choosing an Agent to sell your property. Their service is totally free and will give you peace of mind knowing the Agent they have recommended you use has  gone through their strict criteria to identify them as a top agent.    This criteria covers their success rate of the Agent  in selling, their experience of your area , are they award winning agent,  will they keep you in the loop or forget you,  are they professional and ethical in their dealings, what are the reviews saying from people whose asset  the Agent  has been asked to sell.  A quick call on their free calling number 0800 355 655 will put you in touch with a staff member who can answer all your questions.

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  • What is the benefit to me?By phoning us first, when the Agent we refer you to sells your property you will have earned your cash Reward !! No catches, no strings, just enjoy! it’s yours to spend or donate to your favourite charity.
  • Why should I use TopNotch Agents?We are the only company to not only find you a top agent, but we also give you a Cash reward of up to $500 or more when the Agent sells your property. Click on the button below to find out more!
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