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This article is designed to  help those intending home- sellers living throughout the   Wellington region  to achieve smooth  sailing when it comes to identifying  the best and most experienced agent to sell their house. The use of a Referral Agent to help eliminate getting tied up in a 3-month contract with a Wellington Real Estate Agent who is less than successful,  is fast becoming the norm. when property  owners decide to sell. Probably, due to  its CASH REWARD system and other beneficial features, TopNotch Agents  NZ is fast becoming a favourite for several positive reasons by ensuring  you are given the chance to not only be introduced to one of the most experienced and successful Agent in the area  you  live in but also  to receive a CASH REWARD when your house is sold. TELL ME WHAT BENEFIT IT IS  FOR ME TO USE   TOPNOTCH AGENTS FREE SERVICE WHEN I INTEND TO SELL MY HOUSE. Think about all the brochures we get in our letter box almost on a weekly basis asking if we want to sell our most valuable- asset.  My letter box often has 2 in it at a time. On paper each Agent sounds good.  But beware !! you will be playing Russian Roulette if you ring from a brochure or any advertising and ask the Agent to come and give you an appraisal on your home. Unless you have searched their name, looked up reviews, and studied statistics for all Wellington agents   you have no idea how good or bad this agent is at selling homes in your area. Using   TopNotch Agents NZ  will avoid any mistakes when it comes to  choosing a successful experience Agent Not only is their service totally free, when the Agent they identify as the most experienced confirms a sale you get a CASH REWARDS HOW CAN I GET  A CASH REWARD IF  YOUR SERVICE IS FREE? Like all Referral companies, be it Insurance,  a subscription-based company,  or  your local garage, when people give that company a client,  the company receiving the referral will y pay  a modest referral fee as a thank you to the person or company who gave them to referral.   It is this fee we share with you. Their free service for all Wellington region home sellers  involves studying statistics and  records to uncover  what exactly each Agent  has achieved, what experience they have, how successful are they at  marketing your type of property   how well they know your area, are they an award-winning agent, will they be able to get you the top price, and on the list goes.  Remember, our service is  totally free to do this work for you. Once the introduction is made, the Agent will take over all aspects of the marketing and will notify us when your house has sold and it is at this point you get your CASH REWARD. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE BEFORE YOU CAN TELL ME WHICH AGENT IS BEST IN MY AREA OF WELLINGTON TO MARKET MY HOUSE. The bigger areas have more Agent.  there will be.  The more Agents there are, the longer it takes to eliminate some and build a short list.   It can vary from just 2 hours to a day, but don’t forget once the Agent we recommend  get a sale on your  property we will give you a CASH REWARD as  their way of saying “thank you for your trust by using our free service.

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  • What is the benefit to me?By phoning us first, when the Agent we refer you to sells your property you will have earned your cash Reward !! No catches, no strings, just enjoy! it’s yours to spend or donate to your favourite charity.
  • Why should I use TopNotch Agents?We are the only company to not only find you a top agent, but we also give you a Cash reward of up to $500 or more when the Agent sells your property. Click on the button below to find out more!
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