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The Importance Of Using Our Free Service.

We provide you with recommendations for the best agent, this means on average your home will sell quicker. For a more detailed breakdown on the benefits of using the best agent click here

This results in a smoother, quicker, less stressful property sale.

And Don't forget we pay you anything up-to $600 for helping you achieve your sale goals.

*Cash reward paid out after your property sells - please refer to FAQ for more information.

Never do this.

You are playing Russian Roulette, spin the wheel or pulling names from a hat.

You will most probably be put through to the Agent on duty or on Floor Time (same thing).

This Agent is taking their turn on the roster to stay in the office and deal with all walk-ins and phone calls from homeowners including those thinking of selling their property.

It may not dawn on you that this Agent might be on the lower rung of the ladder when it comes to experience and successful selling.

You may well have given your name and address to an Agent who does NOT fill our criteria as a top agent. Like in all industries there are those who say “What happened” and those who say “Let’s make it happen”

Remember, this is probably the most valuable asset you are selling, and only the best Agent is good enough for such a task.

How We Choose The Ideal Agent To Market Your Property

Choosing the ideal agent to sell your property is a selection process of all the Agents
who sell in your area.


There are approximately 15,000 Agents registered in New Zealand, but of course, we will focus on those who sell in your area. Every single agent is scrutinized, how many years’ experience has this agent had, how well do they know our area, how many homes have they sold, and in what time period, how many current listing have they already, are most of their sales in the high, middle or lower end of the market, have they won awards and if so what for. What does their profile reveal and many more factors.

Once we have reviewed your property and matched your needs with the expectations of the agent, are we left with a clear winner, and it is this Agent we would suggest to you is your ideal Agent to market your property.

So, Why Not Go To The Contact Page And Use Our Free Services With Confidence.

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